timeless natural skincare

οὐθὲν γάρ μάτην ἡ φύσις ποιεῖ


[ nature does nothing uselessly ]

Aristotle, the Father of Western Philosophy, 384–322 BC


Ancient Greek skin care reborn


Our multipurpose clean skin care origins

Inspired by the ancient Greek word for the heart, κέᾰρ® (Kear) brings back to life timeless natural skincare. Ancient cosmetic formulas are now shaped into potent and unique products that meet the needs of today’s fast-paced daily personal care routine. To explain, the power of Greek elements, ingredients, and scents blend in harmony to create clean skincare that is safe, multipurpose, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and fit for all. Kear skincare line includes thirteen-star products, all produced locally according to tradition and to EU regulations, in certified labs that have undergone all tests.

Undoubtedly, Kear reinvents the beauty heritage of ancient Greece and, as a result, it is already acknowledged for its excellence in quality skincare by preeminent organisations worldwide.

The history and nature of our land

There is a land where nature, the bright sun, and the crystal clear blue sea interact seamlessly with everyday life. At the same time, every single month, every season, and always, scents from plants and herbs fill in the air every single day. Above all, it is a blessed country with a rich history of heroes, philosophers, astronomers, and physicians. With that in mind, we wanted to include all this natural and historical wealth into a pure, authentic, and elegant skincare product. Such a unique product would embrace the sunshine and the sea mist, as well as the eternal natural energy from chamomile, mastic, rosemary, olive oil, sage, vines, and other “hidden” natural treasures.

As a result, we utilized and adapted ancient cosmetic formulas passed down from Greek scholars and philosophers and created the conscientious award-winning products of κέᾰρ®. In other words, we brought back to life timeless natural skincare products, multipurpose, and fit for all!

Timeless beauty reinvented

So, we dug up authentic cosmetic formulas and added “humble”, yet powerful herbs. Then we tested them in modern labs, and transformed them into timeless natural skincare products that work. Although we kept it strictly natural but also effective, we managed to blend wisdom with style.

In other words, KEAR pays homage to the beauty heritage of ancient Greece, bringing back to life Ancient Greek skincare, proudly produced exclusively in Greece to honour their history and provenance.

Versatile and multipurpose, Kear timeless natural  skincare products are equally effective on eyes, neck, décolletage, even hands, heels and cuticles. So, you only need one packaged item, not five, thus minimising waste on our planet.

Not to mention they are fit for all genders and skin types, and are dermatological and microbiologically tested to ensure excellence. Above allwe are committed to only use certified ingredients, grown in the greek countryside and handpicked by our trusted colleagues.

Our Authentic Natural Philosophy

We grew up in a land of sunshine, crystal-clear blue seas, history, philosophy, virtue, and democracy. Not only a land of excellence and moderation, of science and arts, but also of pure tastes and smells and fresh ingredients. Along with principals such as pride, grace, honesty, and values such as ethos, dignity, hospitality, love and passion, that are present in everything we set out to conquer. Without a doubt, this is the heart of our land.

We chose κέᾰρ® because it means heart in ancient Greek. On the other hand, it is a word used in poems and theatrical works to particularly describe the absolute and unconditional love, passion and devotion to one’s purpose, cause and objective.

Undoubtedly, this passion and love for the history and products of our country, brought κέᾰρ® to life.

Face & Body Balms

Multipurpose & 100% natural

During ancient times, it was common to use pure and simple materials to create cosmetics and creams for beauty treatments and skin conditions. To maintain their effectiveness and last long, they made them with pure beeswax and virgin olive oil. Next, essential oils, Chios mastic, propolis, and other active natural ingredients were added to create an ointment with many beneficial properties. Surprisingly, the oldest cosmetic mentioned by ancient writers is beeswax balms.

κέαρ® balms include the award-winning AgeDefying and AntiOxidant Face Balms. Without a doubt, you can never be too beautiful, but then again, you can with Kear! Eventually, ancient Greek skincare is reborn.



Multipurpose & 100% natural  

Body-oiling is an ancient aromatherapy technique for calming the body and bringing the element of ritual into everyday wellness and self-care. Kear especially created the first-ever beeswax balms in liquid form, based on authentic cosmetic formulas. Consequently making them the best natural skincare oils to use. As a result, you never felt that calm and soft as of today, and every day you use κέαρ® oils. Likewise, they are now internationally recognised for their quality and effectiveness. BeautyShortlist Awards announced Hydrate Relax Body Oil as 2020 Best Body Oil. As for Calm Revive Arnica Body Oil, it is a Finalist in the Natural Health Beauty Awards.
Ultimately, you are everything you feel…, so feel Nature at its best with Kear! Beauty – wellness – health!

Natural Soaps

Multipurpose & plant-based

Our natural soap base is vegetable glycerin, blended with a luxurious infusion of essential oils. Rather than drying out our skin, it ensures that it is feeling soft and nourished with every use. In particular, Kear herbal soaps are versatile and multipurpose. So, they can be equally used as facial and body cleansers, even as solid shampoo bars for radiant and healthy hair. Especially now, you can feel the miracle of κέαρ® natural soaps and keep it forever.
Think of your favourite colours, smells, and sounds … that's Kear, that's your NATURE! All of a sudden, timeless beauty is reinvented. So, feel your body fresh, moisturized, and healthy glowing anew.

SofiLip balms

100% natural lip balm

Inspired by the ancient Greek word for wisdom, [σοφία], as well as timeless cosmetic formulas, SofiLip is a unique lip treatment. In particular, it is specially formulated to nurture, moisturize and protect dry, chapped lips, clearly making them supple and soft, today and forever. 

Both SofiLip Apricot and SofiLip Mandarin are now announced Best Lip Balm 2020, according to BeautyShortlist Awards and Natural Health Beauty Awards. Have you tried them yet? Without a doubt, you will be amazed and wise to use it always, now that ancient Greek skincare is reborn!


Graphic T-Shirts

Not only do we offer multipurpose natural skincare, but Kear motto t-shirts are also timeless. Who doesn't recognize [All in Moderation], or [Quality over Quantity]? Without a doubt, the wisdom of ancient philosophers and scholars is still relevant, even today! For that reason, at κέᾰρ®, we reintroduce favourite ancient Greek epigraphs stylishly, by adding them to an exclusive collection of quality graphic t-shirts. Modern, elegant, all-cotton, expressing a strong motto. So, why not choose the one that represents you the most? Why can't you be a Greek hero yourself…? and wear Greek History by Kear, explicitly.

Timeless Natural Skincare Gift Sets

Apart from our multipurpose natural skincare, we have created exclusive selections of Kear star products to offer an ultimate beauty heritage feel. Kear timeless natural skin care products come in an elegant and modern packaging at unbeatable prices! You can't resist the Ancient Greek experience, nor can anyone else.
Smell the calmness, Feel the flowers, Listen to Nature, You can sense all that with Kear unique gift sets!



Kostantza Papagiannopoulou
7 months ago

Υπέροχα προϊόντα, αγνά υλικά, φοβερή ποιότητα!!!! Congrats Kearlife!

Candi Headlam
1 year ago

Love the apricot lip balm 😍 so hydrating and you don’t need to use a lot for super soft lips all day long

Anastasia Tamana
1 year ago

I got acquainted with the brand's products and fell in love. You still need to look for such natural and effective products! The aroma, design, composition and effect - everything is simply amazing!

Pavlos-Margarita Koutivis
1 year ago

Τέλεια σελίδα με υπέροχα προϊόντα εξαιρετικής ποιότητας!!! Έχω μείνει πολύ ευχαριστημένη και μυρίζουν φανταστικά!!! Καλές δουλειές!!!

Ευτυχία Λέκα
1 year ago

Από τα καλύτερα φυσικά προϊόντα περιποίησης που έχω δοκιμάσει!!
Λάτρεψα το Antioxidant Superfruit Hippophae Face Balm❤❤

Viola Kuśmierczyk Lousa
2 years ago

i have been using Plant Heroes Body Balm and Agedefying Face Balm for 2 weeks and I absolutely love both products! The face balm is packed with powerful natural ingredients and has made my skin so smooth and dewy. The body balm smells so amazing...