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Face & Body Balms

multipurpose & 100% natural

Inspired by the ancient Greek formulas of skincare, by timeless natural cosmetics, κέᾰρ® Face and Body balms respect the skin and restore its natural beauty. They contain no fillers; instead, they are produced with pure beeswax, and Virgin olive oil because it is a unique cosmetic treasure.

The oldest cosmetic ever mentioned in works by ancient writers is beeswax balm. It is a buttery cream that creates a layer of protection on the skin, offering the best pharmaceutical and cosmetic action, as it is a 100% natural product. 

 Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins; it nourishes the skin, reinforces its elasticity, and replenishes precious lipids. Plus, it is a rich source of naturally originated Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and polyphenols. Finally, it protects our skin against skin-aging while boosting collagen production, and is absorbed within minutes, leaving no greasy feeling.


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A rich blend of natural beeswax and antioxidant extra virgin olive oil together with a bespoke fusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and essential oils, preserve the moisture level of the skin, and deliver long-term protection. Natural beeswax is a powerful humectant; a substance that draws moisture from the atmosphere and delivers it to our skin. Olive oil is a unique cosmetic, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that protect against pollution and toxins and combat the signs of aging.

κέᾰρ® face balms are a natural skincare remedy. They stimulate cell renewal, maintain elasticity and brighten, oxygenate and fight free-radical damage, leaving a smooth and balanced complexion. Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, they are suitable for all genders and skin types and can be applied to your face, neck, décolletage, lips and body. 


multipurpose & 100% natural

We formulate our body oils with only active natural ingredients to rejuvenate our mind and body, following ancient Greek formulas of skincare.

κέᾰρ® body oils are actually a beeswax balm in liquid form, as it is a timeless natural cosmetic. In fact, they are amongst the best natural oils for skin to use, recognised by experts throughout the world. Suitable for all genders, ages, and skin types, cruelty-free, locally-made, versatile, and multipurpose.

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κέᾰρ® body oils contain no fillers and are formulated with only active natural ingredients rejuvenating our mind and body. When gently massaged onto the skin, they absorb quickly to nurture it with vitamins, fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. Non-greasy and lightweight, they seal in moisture and protect against dryness, ensuring our body receives the same care as our face. Can be used all year long, as a moisturiser in the winter or as a calming body oil in the summer. As they are all natural, they can also be used on hair as a masque, as a makeup remover, even as a body perfume!

Infused with olive oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils, κέᾰρ® body oils are ultra moisturising and fit for all, ideal for therapeutic body massage or a relaxing massage after a long day. 

Herbal Soaps

multipurpose & plant-based

κέᾰρ® adopts the same traditional healing formulas the artisan washerwomen of rural Greece used to make soaps in the springtime.

We produce our herbal soaps with plant-based soap noodles in certified labs. Since they are free from toxins and animal fat, Kear herbal soaps deliver deep cleansing, hydration, and skin regeneration. Not to mention they are dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

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According to the legend, soap got its name from Mount Sapo in Rome, where washerwomen did the laundry in the Tiber River. Historically, soap was made by Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, as well as ancient Greeks and Romans.

κέᾰρ® herbal soaps are formulated with plant-based glycerin, together with a luxurious infusion of essential oils, to ensure that your skin is kept feeling soft and nourished with every use. Natural glycerin has hydroscopic properties, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and delivers it to your the skin, keeping it hydrated for a long time!

Dermatologically and microbiologically tested, produced with plant-based soap noodles, free from toxins and animal fat, κέᾰρ® herbal soaps deliver deep cleansing, hydration and skin regeneration. They can be used both as facial and body cleansers, even as solid shampoo bars for radiant and healthy hair.

SofiLip award-winning lip balm

100% natural

olive oil | beeswax | sea buckthorn berry | calendula | essential oils

Enter the world of SofiLip, a timeless natural cosmetic. In fact, an all-natural lip balm, specially formulated to moisturize dry and chapped lips effectively. SofiLip Apricot and SofiLip Mandarin, in particular, are listed Best Lip Balms 2020, according to BeautyShortlist Awards and Natural Health Beauty Awards.

  • antioxidant, anti-aging, healing, nourishing and hydrating
  • potent and long-lasting
  • non-toxic
  • synthetic fragrance-free
  • cruelty-free
  • made with only 5 active natural ingredients

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Inspired by the Greek word for wisdom, “σοφία”, κέᾰρ® Sofi-Lip is a natural lip balm, blended with beeswax, pure olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, calendula and, apricot, mandarin or cinnamon essential oils. It is the best remedy for dry and chapped lips, as it nourishes, moisturises and protects. Lips become supple and soft, permanently.


Despite our timeless natural cosmetic products, at κέᾰρ®, we reintroduce favourite ancient Greek epigraphs stylishly, by adding them to an exclusive collection of quality graphic t-shirts. Who doesn’t recognize [All in Moderation], or [Quality over Quantity]? Without a doubt, the wisdom of ancient philosophers and scholars is still relevant, even today!

So, why not choose the one that represents you the most? Why can’t you be a Greek hero yourself…? and wear Greek History by Kear, explicitly.

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The way of thinking and the life of ancient philosophers and scholars have shaped future generations and, even today, their words are still fashionable.

κέᾰρ uses history as a tool to rebuild the favourite epigraphs of ancient wise men stylishly, by adding them to an exclusive collection of clothes.

Gift Collections

Apart from our multipurpose natural skincare, we have created exclusive selections of Kear star products to offer an ultimate beauty heritage feel. Kear timeless natural skin care products come in an elegant and modern packaging at unbeatable prices! You can’t resist the Ancient Greek experience, nor can anyone else. In other words, all you need is love and κέᾰρ®!

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