Lemon Yucca Mild Antiseptic Natural Soap

active substances orange peel & yucca root extract

detoxifying | soothing | antibacterial | mild sanitiser soap
  • body
  • hands

Kear brings back the “heart” of traditional natural soap-making formulas of Greece. Using plant-based ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin and cosmetic oils, Kear offers herbal soaps with moisturising effects that benefit our skin after use. Without paraben, animal fat, sulphates, toxins, cruelty-free, vegan and multipurpose.

Award-winning Lemon natural soap bar delivers deep cleansing and hydrates skin. With a mild antiseptic agent and active substances orange peel and yucca root. Yucca is known as “soap root” due to its use as a soap for the natural lathering substances it contains. Orange peel has antiseptic, antibacterial, and fungicidal properties. Kear herbal soaps are ideal for daily skin care, without any drying-out feeling, irritation or itching. Use Lemon Yucca Mild Antiseptic soap bar as a natural cleansing alternative to sanitising gels.

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  • Kear offers herbal soaps with antioxidant, anti-aging and antimicrobial benefits
  • Vegetable glycerine is the base of this lemon soap, with continuous moisturising effects even after use. Plant-based glycerine is a natural humectant with the ability to seal in moisture, keeping skin hydrated without drying it out
  • Lemon soap has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties while soothes and calms irritated skin
  • It is long-lasting without losing its shape and softness
  • Contains a mild antiseptic agent with active substances orange peel and yucca root. Use this moisturising hand sanitiser to detoxify, relieve inflammation, and rejuvenate the skin
  • Orange peel has antiseptic, antibacterial, and fungicidal properties. Protects skin from free radical damage. Helps repair dry, flaky, and itchy skin by restoring lost moisture
  • Yucca is known as “soap root” due to its use as a soap for the natural lathering substances it contains
  • Fit for all genders, skin tones and skin types (pH 9.5-9.9). Paraben-free, without animal fat, sulphates, toxins 
  • Kear soap bars are vegan and cruelty free, made with eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging and ethically sourced
  • Dermatologically and microbiologically tested
  • Locally produced in Greece


  • Editor’s Choice, Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2021
  • Best Artisan Soap Range, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022
  • Best Artisan Soap Bar, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022

Work in rich foam; cleanse and rinse with lukewarm water. Soap bar, 100g. Suitable for everyday use. For external use only.

Product dimensions: 8cm length x 2cm width x 5cm height
Outer packaging: 8,5cm length x 2,5cm width x 5,5cm height
Weight: 100g / 0.22lb

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Glycerin, Parfum, Sodium Silicate, Citrus Aurantium Peel Extract, Yucca Schidigera Leaf/Root/Stem Extract, Caprylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, D-Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Citronellol, C.I.19140

Orange (Citrus Aurantium) Peel Extract is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients essential for your skin’s health. With antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Protects skin from free radical damage, preventing skin cells from oxidative stress. Soothes dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Hydrates dehydrated skin. Brings back moisture. Skin is youthful and radiant.

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