100% natural products 

Inspired by the timeless cosmetic formulas KEAR Face and Body Balms respect the skin and restore its natural beauty. Produced exclusively in Greece, in certified labs, honouring tradition and science, KEAR products are versatile, multitasking and suitable for all. Dermatologically and microbiologically tested. Feel your body fresh, moisturized and health glowing again.

 Ancient Greek Skincare reborn!


100% natural 

Body-oiling is an ancient aromatherapy technique for calming the body and bringing the element of ritual into the everyday wellness and self care. κέᾰρ® created the first ever beeswax balm in liquid form, making it one of the best oils for skin to use.


κέᾰρ® herbal soaps are formulated with plant-based glycerin, together with a luxurious infusion of essential oils, to ensure that skin is kept feeling soft and nourished with every use. They can be used as facial and body cleansers, even as solid shampoo bars for radiant and healthy hair.


100% natural

Sofi-Lip is a unique lip treatment specially formulated to nurture, moisturise and protect dry, chapped lips, making them supple and soft, permanently. Purely natural lip balm, strictly effective; the natural way to moisturise lips.



wear_history x κέᾰρ®
Ancient philosophers and scholars spoke words of wisdom still fashionable. κέᾰρ® uses history as a tool to re-introduce the favourite epigraphs of ancient wise men stylishly, by adding them to an exclusive collection of clothes.

Gift Sets

An exclusive selection of our skin care products to offer the ultimate κέᾰρ® experience. They come wrapped up in a gift box for those special  occasions, and in an unbeatable price!

Try – Feel – Believe!

Free From:

  • artificial fragrances
  • synthetic chemicals
  • toxic preservatives
  • parabens
  • any other unsafe ingredients

Not tested on animals


Every ingredient in our skincare is an “active” ingredient and is there to cover a specific need, in harmony with ancient cosmetic formulas. κέᾰρ® strictly uses natural ingredients, we source from family farms or cooperatives. None of our products or ingredients is tested on animals. We proudly produce our skin care line exclusively in Greece, EU.

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Hydrate & Relax Body oil:
“Absolutely in love with these products! Especially in regards to the antioxidant face balm and hydrate and relax body oil. This last one gives immediately relaxing feeling with the perfume it leaves on my skin.”

Allison S., Monaco

Kear Natural skincare products:
“Amazing products, with a buttery texture and amazing results. The fragrance is one of the best I’ve used. I would re-use it to infinity because it keeps what it promises and all with natural products!”
Eliza C., Sicily, Italy

Kear Natural skincare products:
“KEAR is not only caring about our body health and moisture, but also about our mental growth and health. It’s good for all people to know that KEAR has products of the best quality, but also that all the people behind it care about people and actions that can help us develop.
Matina K., Helsinki, Finland

Kear Natural skincare products:
“κέᾰρ – high quality products that combines natural ingredients and the traditions of ancient times. The brand name is translated as heart ❤ and certainly causing warmth and trust. Balms for body, face and lips that I have tested have a natural composition and captivate their incredible flavors. All means are very effective, and I can’t name a single downside. I’m really glad I finally found products that are made with quality and soul!”
Tatyana F., Kirov, Russia

Kear Natural skincare products:
“Exceptional products, with amazing formulas that absolutely respect nature and humans. Innovative, high quality ingredients; they will become an essential part of your skincare routine.
Cleopatra L., Larissa, Greece

AntiOxidant Face balm:
“Amazing products and brand! I tried the Antioxidant Face Balm and I really loved it! Incredibly rich and hydrating and soothes dry skin like a soft blanket! It works better than products that cost substantially more. Plus, it doesn’t irritate my hyper-reactive skin.It feels so good when you put it on, it is thick but doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. With longterm use, I noticed my face being healthier, dewy and more vibrant!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
Lina K., Veria, Greece

Soothing Body Balm:
This product is nothing less than amazing. I have very dry skin and I only have to put it once in the morning and it’s enough to keep me hydrated all day. Also it’s vegan so that’s a plus for me. A MUST HAVE for winter!!
Juliana C., Brazil

Soothing Body Balm:
“Beautiful natural cosmetics with incredible natural composition that works great. Especially liked the Soothing Body Balm with Arnica. It’s a godsend to me. An indispensable assistant in our family.”
Daria V., Penza, Russia

AntiOxidant Face Balm:
“I was introduced to KEAR’s skin care products a couple of months ago and I’m so extremely happy I did. Greek natural skincare products made with care and “meraki”. Not only they will completely transform your skin texture and appearance but they will seduce your senses as well. Amazing natural fragrant products, luxurious packaging, a true joy for a skincare lover like me. If you’re looking to invest in a skincare brand that worths your time and money kearlife should be it and even though my work’s nature forces me to try and review many skincare products from various brands, nothing is so well thought and well formulated like Kear Natural products. My absolute favourite AntiOxidant Face Balm. Try it and you’ll remember my words.”
Maria P., Athens, Greece

AntiOxidant Face Balm:
“I actually rarely had facial care products that really convinced me. But KEAR did it. I love their AntiOxidant Face Balm. It makes my skin shine! I’m totally in love with the products!”
Maria M., Austria

Mastic Herbal Soap, Hydrate & Relax Body Oil & AgeDefying  Face Balm:
“Great products made from natural ingredients and with a lot of taste. The scents and textures are so special, that they look like no other product you’ve ever tried. The fragrant soap with mastic, the hydrating and relaxing body oil and the calendula AgeDefying Face Balm are my favourites.
Katerina G., Athens, Greece

AgeDefying Face Balm:
“I just wanted to add how much I love your products and am so happy to use something natural on my face and that it actually works. I got burned around the eyes this summer because I forgot to put sunscreen on, and I first tried out your Antioxidant Face Balm my sister had. It provided great relief and within a couple of days my eyes were healing. I then tried out your AgeDefying Face Balm and loved it as well. I usually have bags under my eyes because I never sleep enough and I have been using your balm since July, completely disregarding my other facial creams. I usually use the Antioxidant Face Balm at night and the AgeDefying during the day. Well those bags have finally disappeared and my skin feels amazing. So thank you for creating KEAR!”
Christine R., Paris, France

Cinnamon Sofi-Lip balm:
“I am using Cinnamon Lip Balm, perfect for my lips that unfortunately tend to be dry. The ingredients that compose it are beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon essential oil, and sea-buckthorn oil. A perfect mix to stimulate collagen production, hydrate, and protect from external agents. And what about the taste? So tasty, that I would eat it!”
Chiara Z., Udine, Italy

Sofi-Lip balm:
“All the ingredients are to soothe & nourish the dry chapped lips. These are purely natural, free from all the baddies like artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives.This lip balm is free from any artificial colour, so perfect to go to sleep with. This formula absorbs so well in skin & next morning the lips are soft, smooth and gives a natural shine. If you are a lipbalm addict like me, then its time to try KEAR Sofi-Lip balm…I bet you won’t regret it!”
Harnit G., India

Calm & Revive Body oil:
I can no longer do without their innovative, quality products! I recommend them to everyone! I am in love with their Arnica Body oil!
Marta M., Rome, Italy

Exfoliating Herbal Soap:
I really love their soap, it smells amazing and makes your skin really soft. I use it every morning and night to clean my skin. I really fell in love with Sofi-Lip balm, it’s smell is just amazing and hydrates the lips. I always have it in my bag, I can’t go out without it!
Anissa F., Rancon, France

Herbal Soaps & Body Oils:
Absolutely love these products! The soaps are so lovely and creamy and do not dry your skin and the oils are wonderful after a shower. Cannot wait to use my face balm next. Thank you KEAR!
Jayne D., Wales, United Kingdom 

Sofi-Lip balm:
“Melting lip balm straight from Greece!  Is it time for weathered lips? Are you tired of the taste of petroleum jelly on your lips? Then you have not tried this lip balm from KEAR Natural. This is just a delight, I really liked the structure of the product …✔️Magic smell ✔️Natural ingredients ✔️Without harmful components ✔️Restores lips ✔️Convenient format ✔️Nice aftertaste.
Yuliya K., Reutov, Russia

Soothing Body Balm:
“I have been complaining all winter about dry lips and skin so I was stoked when KEAR sent me their lip balm and body balm to review. On top of hydrating my skin, the body balm also helps to soothe tired muscles. As someone who spends a good chunk of their days hunched over a computer, my neck and shoulders are constantly sore. My absolute favorite thing about these products is that they are 100% natural and derived from ancient greek formulas. It’s so hard to trust “natural” brands these days with all of the cheap filler ingredients so many skincare companies are using. I was pleasantly surprised to see only 4-6 ingredients on each product, all of which are natural. Thank you KEAR!”
Taylor P., Wisconsin, USA

Soothing Body Balm:
“I’ve been using the KEAR Soothing Body Balm for over a month. I use it to moisturise my legs and arms. I love how nourishing it feels. It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and it soothes any sore muscles I have. I also like that the ingredient list is short and simple, without any artificial fragrances. I highly recommend this product!”
Kristina P., Ontario, Canada

KEAR1 week ago

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✨Monday, new week, new challenges, new goals! ✨ Don't give up, be persistent and dare to dream! ✨ Because success begins with being bold (Plutarch, Ancient Greek Biographer) ✨ Stay safe, be well and take good #kear of yourself and others!

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