A rich blend of natural beeswax and antioxidant olive oil together with a bespoke fusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and essential oils, respect the skin and restore its natural beauty.


κέᾰρ labs created the first ever liquid beeswax balm in the form of body oil. Non-greasy and lightweight, they seal in moisture and protect against dryness, ensuring our body receives the same care as our face.


κέᾰρ herbal soaps are formulated with plant-based glycerin, together with a luxurious infusion of essential oils, to ensure that our skin is kept feeling soft and nourished with every use.

Special edition

Specialty products, exclusively created using the inherent knowledge of ancient Greek culture, combined with high quality nutrient rich botanicals and essential oils.


wear_history X κέᾰρ
Ancient philosophers + scholars spoke words that are still fashionable. κέᾰρ uses history as a tool to rebuild the favourite epigraphs of ancient wise men stylishly by adding them to an exclusive collection of clothes.

Gift Sets

Exclusively selected products to offer the ultimate κέᾰρ experience!
Try – Feel – Believe!

Free from:

  • artificial fragrances
  • synthetic chemicals
  • toxic preservatives
  • any other unsafe ingredients

Not tested on animals


Every ingredient in our product line is an “active” ingredient and is there to cover a specific need, in harmony with ancient cosmetic formulas. κέᾰρ strictly uses natural ingredients, sourced from family farms.

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Hydrate & Relax Body oil:
“Swiss winters can be harsh and dry out skin; especially if you like outdoor sports like me. I tried out κέρ body oil with beeswax, olive oil and chamomile not sure it would provide the necessary hydration. Needless to say, it did deliver and I was truly satisfied with the idea that what I use is completely natural. Will be using more of κέρ!”
Dimitri D. – Switzerland

Plant Heroes Body balm:
“… simply amazing! The texture, the scent, the results! My always dry palms are silky soft and smell fantastic. Non-greasy, it slides upon your skin and stays there! And it is completely natural. Had no idea this was an ancient Greek formula! Bravo κέρ!”
Angelique F. – Germany

AntiOxidant Face balm:
“…never thought sea buckthorn could do wonders to your skin! Moisturize, balance, boost circulation and promote a healthy glow… all of that while you sleep. I particularly like the fact that it is completely natural, and that you use a small amount to have these results. Will be checking out the rest of the products.”
Christy P. – Mykonos

Soothing Body Balm:
“When I come home after my long run, I usually enjoy a hot bath. When this is combined with κέρ Soothing Body Balm, my muscles are relaxed and I feel fresh and ready for the next adventure!”
Mike D. – U.K.

Exfoliating Herbal Soap:
“I simply love it! It smells fantastic, and your skin is left soooo soft! I will be getting the Relax Body Oil to use after the soap! Well done, κέρ!”
Celia P. – U.K.

AgeDefying Face Balm:
“What a lovely product! You know what you put on your face; it’s natural, it’s tested over the years and potent. Needless to say that this is a value-for-money product, you only need just a little and see results in a few days.”
Sissy N. – U.S.A.

Mastic Herbal Soap:
“…this is a fantastic soap! It cleanses gently, has a mild scent that lasts and produces a moisturising lather that leaves the skin with a luxurious feel!” –
Mariza D. – France

Calm & Revive Body oil:
“following a workout where I injured my thumb, I tried the κέρ body oil with arnica not sure if it would work. Next day the pain was gone, my thumb OK!”
John A. – Athens

AgeDefying Face balm:
“..this is the only cream I use with fantastic results. Non-greasy, lightweight and natural. Well done κέᾰρ!”
Georgia M. – Piraeus

Mastic and Sage Herbal Soaps:
“My wife and I tried both soaps and our skin felt really clean, healthy and not at all dry. Especially my wife who doesn’t like make-up removers but uses only soap, tried them both and was amazed with the results!”
Ivaylo K. – Bulgaria

Chamomile Herbal Soap:
“I used κέρ Chamomile Herbal Soap as a face cleanser, because I like soaps and the idea of it being natural was intriguing. Hours later my skin still felt clean, hydrated and refreshed. I will sure be using the other κέρ soaps; starting with the Exfoliating one!”
Sandra O. – Latvia

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Our mission is to deliver effective #skincare formulated with strictly #naturalingredients, using the same ancient formulas our ancestors did thousands of years ago. We are committed to only use certified ingredients, grown in the #greekcountryside and handpicked by our...

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🌿 #kear Antioxidant Face Balm with #Supefruit Hippophae, #oliveoil, #beeswax, #propolis, and Orange essential oil. 🌿 100% naturalness factor 💦 #moisturising, #antioxidant and vitamin-packed #facebalm ✨Your daily dose of...

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✨ κέᾰρ® (Kear) Soothing Body Balm featured in the #dailystar UK ✨

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#kear #skincare line includes eleven star products, created according to tradition and to EU regulations, in certified labs and have undergone all tests. ✨ Produced exclusively in Greece with ❤️ and respect to our #timeless #beauty history.

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