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Feel Nature at its best with Kear

We are skincare specialists with a desire for creating perfect and healthy skin through our highly effective multipurpose natural skincare. It is important to realise that great makeup starts with healthy glowing skin, and so it is never too early – or too late – to think about a skin care routine that helps you look your best. This is why Kear was created; to bring back to life the effectiveness of timeless natural skincare, blended with high quality natural elements.

Undoubtedly, we must work with our skin and not against it, and that is why we offer high-performance multipurpose natural skincare products with no artificial chemicals. Our mission is to deliver effective and multipurpose natural skincare formulated with strictly natural ingredients, explicitly using the same formulas our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Therefore, our product development team passionately reviews every single precious ingredient, in order to make sure it is safe, effective, and offers a holistic approach to skin care. Ultimately, our aim is to transform your skin’s future, therefore enabling you to live healthily and happily in your own perfect rhythm.

At κέᾰρ®, we provide you with pure, clean skin care, to make you look flawless and fabulous at every age, while respecting your skin’s natural beauty. Because it is much easier to avoid the damage than it is to reverse it.

Kear offers a holistic approach to timeless beauty

Not only are κέᾰρ® products versatile and multipurpose, but they are also fit for all genders, ages and skin types. In other words, they are are equally effective on eyes, neck, décolletage, even hands, heels, and cuticles, not to mention eco-friendly. In fact, you don’t need too many packaged items, one will do the work! Due to their highly concentrated texture, they do not evaporate upon application. As a result, only a small amount is needed, so a little goes a long way! Finally, they are locally made, proudly honouring their provenance, history and people behind it.

We explicitly created this exclusive collection of clean skincare products to enable you to maintain the best functions of your skin. All of Kear thirteen star-products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested, above all to ensure excellence. Meanwhile, our friendly staff will always be available to provide you with any information on the brand, as well as any advice on the products you may require. Ultimately, Kear offers a holistic approach to beauty, through its multipurpose natural skincare products.


Everyday feels like spring
with Kear clean skincare

We explicitly use certified ingredients, grown in the greek countryside and handpicked by our trusted colleagues. In particular, virgin olive oil, pure natural beeswax, and potent herbs for balms and oils. 

Above all, our multipurpose natural skincare is infused with pure and natural ingredients and welcomes you to κέᾰρ® Healthy Life!

Face & Body Balms

Multipurpose & 100% natural

During ancient times, it was common to use pure and simple materials to create cosmetics and creams for beauty treatments and skin conditions. The oldest cosmetic ever mentioned in works by Ancient writers is beeswax balms. In order to maintain their effectiveness and last long, they were made with pure beeswax and virgin olive oil, enhanced by adding essential oils, Chios mastic, propolis, and other active natural ingredients which create an ointment with many beneficial properties.

κέαρ® balms include the award-winning AgeDefying and AntiOxidant Face Balms. Without a doubt, you can never be too beautiful…but then again, you can with Kear! Finally, ancient Greek skincare is reborn. So, feel your body fresh, moisturized and healthy glowing again.



Multipurpose & 100% natural  

Body-oiling is an ancient aromatherapy technique for calming the body and bringing the element of ritual into the everyday wellness and self care. Based on authentic cosmetic formulas, Kear especially created the first ever beeswax balms in liquid form, thus making them the best natural skincare oils to use. As a result, you never felt that calm and soft as of today and every day you use κέαρ® oils.

κέαρ® oils include the award-winning Hydrate Relax Body Oil. Eventually, you are everything you feel…, so feel Nature at its best with Kear!

Beauty – wellness – health!

Natural Soaps

Multipurpose & plant-based

Our natural soap base is vegetable glycerin, and together with a luxurious infusion of essential oils, it ensures that our skin is kept feeling soft and nourished with every use. In fact, Kear herbal soaps are versatile and multipurpose, so they can be equally used as facial and body cleansers, even as solid shampoo bars for radiant and healthy hair. So now, you can feel the miracle of κέαρ® natural soaps and keep it forever.

Think of your favourite colours, smells and sounds … that’s Kear, that’s your NATURE! All of a sudden, timeless beauty is reinvented.

SofiLip balms

100% natural lip balm

Inspired by the ancient Greek word for wisdom, [σοφία], as well as timeless cosmetic formulas, SofiLip is a unique lip treatment. In particular, it is specially formulated to nurture, moisturise and protect dry, chapped lips, clearly making them supple and soft, today and forever.

κέαρ® SofiLip range includes the award-winning SofiLip Apricot. Without a doubt, you will be amazed and wise to use it always, now that ancient Greek skincare is reborn!


Graphic T-Shirts

Not only do we offer multipurpose natural skincare, but Kear motto t-shirts are also timeless. Who doesn’t know [All in Moderation], or [Quality over Quantity]? Obviously, the words of wisdom of ancient philosophers and scholars are still relevant, even today! For that reason, κέᾰρ® reintroduces favourite ancient Greek epigraphs stylishly, by adding them to an exclusive collection of quality graphic t-shirts. Modern, elegant, all-cotton and with a story to tell. So, why not choose the one that represents you the most? Why can’t you be a Greek hero yourself…? and wear Greek History by Kear, explicitly.

Timeless Natural Skincare Gift Sets

Apart from our multipurpose natural skincare, we have created exclusive selections of Kear star products to offer an ultimate beauty heritage feel. Kear timeless natural skincare products come in an elegant and modern packaging at unbeatable prices! You can’t resist the Ancient Greek experience, nor can anyone else.

Smell the calmness, Feel the flowers … Listen to Nature…You can sense all that with Kear special gift sets!


KEAR multipurpose natural skincare is

Free From

  • artificial fragrances
  • synthetic chemicals
  • toxic preservatives
  • paraben
  • any other unsafe ingredients

Locally made
Not tested on animals

Our “hidden treasures”.

In other words, our ingredients

Ultimately, every ingredient in our multipurpose natural skincare is an “active” ingredient, while attending to a specific need, but always in harmony with ancient cosmetic formulas. In fact, we want our customers to know that active ingredients, such as olive oil, beeswax, and herbs, can be as effective and practical today as they were then. As a result, we consistently formulate our multipurpose balms, oils, and soaps with soothing, low-hazard ingredients that can be used by almost every person and on most skins. We particularly utilise ancient cosmetic formulas by having specifically in mind that every element should directly and only benefit the health of our skin.

In essence, everything on a κέᾰρ® product is part of a wider whole; respecting Nature above all. In particular, our jars and bottles are glass – thus recyclable. The lid is wooden, in order to convey its natural origins. Then, the pattern on the jars and bottles is ancient Greek. Finally, the colours of the packaging have a correlation to the ingredients and are based on ancient Greek shades. What better way to make everyday, “Nature Day”?

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🌿 Versatile and multi-functional, #Kear natural skin care products are effective on face, eyes, neck, décolletage and even hands, heals and cuticles! 🌸 All our products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested to ensure quality and effective results. Suitable for all genders, ages, and...

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🌿 Our philosophy is to deliver effective and multipurpose natural skincare, formulated with strictly natural ingredients, using the same formulas our ancestors did thousands of years ago. ✨ We produce our #naturalskincare by having in mind that every element should directly and only...

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✨ Our natural skin care products contain #beeswax and virgin #OliveOil, that’s why they are so concentrated. 🌿 #lightweight and non-greasy, they leave skin silky soft! 🐝...